We will help you to organize a comfortable and custom made trip by providing detailed service in Japanese language. We will plan according to your purpose, budget, and schedule. We are ready to deliver our services to individual travelers and small group travelers according to desired plan.

Our mission

To increase the number of tourists from Northeast Asia to Latin America, showing the great value of traveling to Panama and the Latin American region.

Our vision

Panabest aims at creating a full experience for tourists, getting them immersed in the cultural and historic setting of Panama.

Panabest was established in 2013 and is a local tour operator specialized in the Japanese and Korean tourist markets.

Although Panama has traditionally been a destination for Japanese and Korean companies doing business in Latin America, the number of tourists from these countries has remained low, mainly due to the idea that Panama is quite far from Asia while the language barrier is perceived as a big obstacle.  

Moreover, North East Asian tourists have short periods of vacation compared to the European, American or Latin American tourists. 

At the institutional level, we have seen little or no efforts by successive Panama governments to carry out a sound strategy to attract Asian tourists.

In addition, there are few travel agencies in Panama, which understand the cultural behavior of North East Asian tourists, which is quite different from the European, American or Latin American tourists. 

In view of the above challenges, Panabest was created to develop this important tourist market, and to that end, it counts on bilingual staff Spanish-Japanese and Spanish-English, who understand well the mindset of tourists from North East Asia. 

In this regard, our agency is well-prepared to design regular, specialized, business and VIP tours, maximizing the tourists time by faithfully following and complying with agreed schedules, and offering accommodations and meals in line with North East Asian tourist standards. 

Panabest is also ready to offer a variety of multi-destinations, combining Panama with countries in the Caribbean, Central or South American regions, and utilizing the strategic location of the Hub of the Americas with the excellent connectivity of our flagship carrier, Copa Airlines. 

With the guarantee of high standard services, our company welcomes you to Panama to enjoy a unique and unforgettable travel experience. 

Panabest Management.